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Donor Advised Funds

How do donor-advised funds work?

You make an initial gift and may receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction. You then determine when to make grants from the fund, what organizations you wish to support, and the amount you wish to give.

Want to speak with one of us about giving to Bright Stars of Bethlehem through a donor-advised fund? Email our Executive Director at

What is the advantage of giving through a donor-advised fund?

If you give to multiple organizations or charities, you can make all gifts, whether recurring or one time, through a single fund.

You may receive an immediate tax deduction when you open your fund, yet you can take months or even years to recommend grants. You can also schedule recurring grants.

You can ensure that giving continues after your lifetime through instructions to make grants you designate or to name an heir to continue as a grant advisor.

You can recommend that some grants be made anonymously and have others include your name.

Choose among investment options according to your own short- and long-term plan for making grants.

Planned Giving

Don and Sue Neff have been visiting Bethlehem for the past 15 years. Sue, a registered nurse, first came to install Bethlehem’s Parish Nurse. They immediately fell in love with the people and saw the great need, especially among the older residents who have limited access to healthcare. Since then, Sue regularly travels to Bethlehem with teams of Parish nurses from across the country. Sue and Don want their investment to extend beyond their lifetime, so they’ve remembered Bright Stars of Bethlehem in their will.

What will your legacy be? Through thoughtful planning, you can ensure that hope continues to grow in Palestine. Join the Bimlers and the Neffs in becoming a Legacy Donor today! Contact Beth Nelson Chase to learn more:

Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship honors the contributions of four remarkable women: Nuha Khoury, Rana Khoury, Faten Nastas Mitwasi, and Maha Khamis Abughannam. Each of these women provided vital creative leadership that has shaped Dar al-Kalima University in its first decade. They are truly women of vision. They lead with compassion, courage, and hope. It is in recognition of their contributions to the students of Dar al-Kalima University and to the future of Palestine that the Women of Vision Scholarship is established.

Learn more about the honorees. View the Women of Vision Brochure

To make a pledge, print and fill out THIS CARD (click on blue text) and mail back to us at PO Box 185, Mt. Morris, IL 61054
Or, GIVE ONLINE and designate your gift as Women of Vision.

Scholarship Opportunities

One of the key areas of support that Bright Stars of Bethlehem provides is through scholarships. Scholarships are available for the young and old alike. Your support helps underwrite the costs for our four areas of ministry and outreach.

Each participant contributes to the financial cost of their program, but they need your help to close the gap between what they can afford and the cost of delivering these high-quality ministries. That’s where you come in! Since Bright Stars of Bethlehem is uniquely connected with the programs being funded, we can assure you that your donation will make these programs possible. All scholarship funds given are used for the purposes described below.

Children and Youth

Your scholarship gifts will help support youth ages 4 to 19 by helping to underwrite the membership costs of the Diyar Academy for Children and Youth. Your gift of $600 per year, or just $50 per month, supports quality programs in the areas of music, theater, dance, art and sports.

College Students

Dar al-Kalima University is one of the premier educational institutions in Palestine. Your scholarship gift of $4,000 for a full year of tuition helps a student learn valuable skills that they can use to enter the workforce. You can also provide a half-year scholarship for $2,000.

Adults and Families

Your scholarship to support the Ajyal “Generations” Elder Care Program can help breathe a new life of hope and healing to those age 65 and older. An annual scholarship of $600, or $50 per month, helps underwrite the yearly cost for a member of the program. These vital spiritual, educational, recreational and health services help seniors rediscover and share the richness of life.