The Holy Land and Jordan

June 15-27, 2019
Led by Pastor Blake Rohrer

The Holy Land is a place that conjures many images in our minds – from inspiring to confounding. Pastor Rohrer has traveled there three times previously, and each trip was a life-changing experience. This journey will be a pilgrimage in which we will follow in the footsteps of Jesus, seeing the lands of the Bible. Throughout the trip, we will share group reflection, prayer, and worship. As meaningful as the holy sites will be, our unique encounters with the people who live there today maybe even more moving.

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The Holy Land, Then and Now

January 13 – 23, 2020
Led by: Linda Edens and Ruth Nelson

In John 1:39 Jesus said: “Come and See”. That is exactly what we want to offer you the opportunity to do!

Bright Stars Board of Directors member Linda Edens and Bright Stars Chicago Area Representative Ruth Nelson want to lead you on a trip that will allow you to see both the Ancient Stones and Holy Sites as well as the Living Stones of the Holy Land.

This pilgrimage will allow you to walk in the footsteps of our Lord, experiencing the places where Christ was born, did his ministries, and where he died only to rise again. We will travel through Galilee, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem. In addition, we will fully experience the Living Stones by seeing and learning how the two peoples and three faiths of the Holy Land live side by side in the land where Christ preached his new covenant, as read in John 15:12 “Love each other as I have loved you”. There are many opportunities within this trip to meet people of the Land, hear their stories, and learn of their struggles while pursuing a life of hope. This trip will change your life forever, in how you read and experience the Bible, as well as how you understand others and live out your faith.

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